The Soil Erosion Site

Unsustainable soil erosion — the loss of fertile topsoil by by water, wind, or tillage — is a global problem, the importance of which is slowly becoming more widely appreciated. High rates of soil loss are always a result of mankind's unwise actions, such as overgrazing or unsuitable cultivation practices.

"Soil erosion by water, wind and tillage affects both agriculture and the natural environment. Soil loss, and its associated impacts, is one of the most important (yet probably the least well-known) of today's environmental problems."

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It isn't easy to find comprehensive information on soil erosion, however. To a large extent this is because soil erosion does not fit neatly under any one heading: it is studied by geomorphologists, agricultural engineers, soil scientists, hydrologists and others; and is of interest to policy-makers, farmers, environmentalists and many other individuals and groups.

The Soil Erosion Site brings together reliable information on soil erosion from a wide range of disciplines and sources. It aims to be the definitive internet source for those wishing to find out more about soil loss and soil conservation.

Dr David Favis-Mortlock, April 2017 Mastodon logo